What is continuing professional development standards?

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CPD stands for Continuing Professional Development. It is a method of constant professional learning used in many industries. The aim is to keep your professional skills up to date with industry knowledge, trends and product innovation.

Change can sometimes be a daunting prospect for all of us, but staying in touch with the latest developments means you are better equipped to cope with the challenges ahead.

It can also help give you the confidence to take the next step in your career and allows you to showcase your abilities with a recognised qualification.

A CPD course is logged by hours of learning, 1 hour normally equates to 1 CPD point and can be given in different formats; online, face-to-face presentations, showroom or factory tours, at events and conferences, and some online articles with follow-up questions, to name a few.

Choosing your CPD course.

Accredited CPDs will not be sales pitches but educational learning from professionals who are sharing their knowledge. When choosing a CPD suitable for you, your job role and possibly an upcoming project, you should check;

  • the length of time to complete,
  • who it is aimed at and
  • what topics will be covered?

You can then decide if the content and format are right for you.

Continuing Professional Development can be given as:
  • Structured face-to-face presentation
  • Structured online presentation
  • eLearning – article and question
  • Training courses
  • Workshops and seminars
  • Videos, and more, if there is an educational value.
Group of people learning software engineering and business during a CPD presentation.

Where to find your accredited cpd training

There are many CPD certifications from different professional bodies for all sectors that can be taken at a time and place to suit you; some will even come to you at your place of work. The ones below focus mainly on the construction industry.

  • CPDUK.co.uk covers all sectors from beauty to the built environment.
  • CIBSE CPD provider is a key place for building services
  • RIBA CPD providers are targeted at the architecture and associated sectors. 
  • Go to manufacturers and distributors directly; this can be useful if the timing suits an upcoming project.

There are many more providers than we’ve mentioned and we would advise you to search to find the best ones to meet your criteria.

And remember, Continuing Professional Development highlights a real commitment to your self-development.

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