Is your content good or bad?

Is your content holding you back?

Quality content is so important; it is part of your company’s voice. Content should underpin every aspect of your sales and marketing, from email campaigns to social media posts to advertising copy. It improves your PR output, boosts your SEO and raises your business profile.

Remember, though, that poor content can damage your company’s position. At HVAC Communications, we have seen many blogs, scripts and social posts where the content is ‘fluffy’ (yes, we said it)!

B2B content marketing has changed.

It is no longer enough to say your latest [product] is highly energy efficient, easy to operate and looks good in any interior. We still see these messages in trade publications… if your releases begin with this type of wording, we advise changing it. Start with what your product or service has to offer the buyer. 

For digital content, keywords for SEO are vital so that Google search engines can bring the right website/content to the searcher. How often have you landed on a page to find that what you are reading does not answer your question? Even worse, the company still wants you to call or fill in a form when they’ve already wasted more than enough of your valuable time.

And yes, we realise that the company needs to generate leads. But if you are offered a good service up front, won’t you go back to them anyway?

So let’s talk insights:
  • Did you know that B2B buyers are typically 57%-70% through their buying research before contacting sales. Companies need to allow people to research. If you have good content, you won’t be wasting their time, and they are more likely to pick up the phone or fill in the form for further discussions. They’ve moved along the ‘funnel’.

Here’s another important insight:

  • 80% of business decision-makers prefer to get company information from a series of articles, rather than an advertisement. That said, they will want to read quality content.

Make sure you are not missing valuable sales opportunities. Check the information you are putting out there and add references and insights to back up what you are saying. Every company has something to talk about and offer. Be sure what you say helps your business to stand out from the competition.

Still, trying to figure out where to go?

The team at HVAC Communications has the experience and insight to deliver a successful content marketing strategy, so if you need an audit and advice or would like us to prepare quality content for your business, please get in touch if you think we can help.

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