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Content is crucial.

We were delighted to learn that two of the articles we wrote and supplied last year had made it into the online Top 10 of leading industry publication Modern Building Services (MBS) magazine.

Riding high at No 2 (can you tell we used to watch the old Christmas Top of the Pops?) was a feature on;

Why chillers are making a comeback, while in at No 6 for 2022 was a piece about the Benefits of heat recovery in HVAC systems.

Both were produced in partnership with our customers, letting us highlight their areas of expertise without a direct sales pitch. Exposure such as this allows us to help raise client profiles through content that is interesting, informative and largely impartial.

It’s always good to have confirmation that the effort we put into supporting our clients is reaching the right audience.

Andrew Slater – Founder and Managing Director, HVAC Communications

Offering tailored support

We are perfectly placed to offer this level of tailored support. We have extensive technical experience and knowledge at the heart of our team and we also understand how best to deliver your message through today’s multiple media channels.

Content is crucial, and our media background means we can help you make the most of it. If you think we can fill a similar supporting role for your business, please get in touch.

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