There's two sides to every story

and ours is no different

One Black and White

& One Full of Colour

One Made of Straight Lines

& One of Curves

One Highly Technical

& The Other Creative

Somthing a bit different

HVAC Communications

The brainchild of Andrew Slater, HVAC Communications, was born out of demand.  A support company that understood the heating ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration sectors, products, peers, legislation, and directions. An organisation that offers an accumulation of services that would usually be expensive to host internally, from someone who knows what you are talking about! Not needing hours of hand holding to describe your product or audience, resources are saved through an already thorough understanding.

Straight Lines or full of colour

Which is it to be?

When you need support, it isn’t always in one place, and this is where we come into our own.  Our technical speciality pairs with our marketing ability to provide a comprehensive range of technical services, public relations and marketing assistance. Whether it be an air conditioning system design, product specification, training, some feature writing, social media creativity, newsletters or a simple advert to put together.  We have both the capability and the knowledge to help you succeed.

Long term


A founding principle of HVAC Communications is to build relationships that last.  Understand your business and deliver a service that is beyond expectations.  We still have the pleasure of working with most of our initial business partners, who have expanded to use other services we offer and continue with initial provisions.

These relationships have provided the foundations of our growth and the procurement of business through recommendation and reputation.

Meet Our Founder

Andrew Slater

(looking a bit younger than he does now!)

Andrew has spent 20 years working within the construction industry, specialising in the heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration sectors.

A technical specialist, Andrew has experience leading engineering and marketing teams across the UK, Ireland and Nordic countries developing and releasing products and their relative material for global organisations.

Well known for his professionalism and honest approach, Andrew holds positions on industry judging panels and is currently editor of the long-established industry publication – ACR Journal.

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